DCDATASOFT 2015 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 4

Provenance and Formal Methods: The Case of Digital Image Processing


Carlos Sáenz-Adán

Abstract: There is a well know problem of balancing efficiency and reliability when researchers attempt to combine scientific computation with formal verification of algorithms. Usually, verified programs cannot compete in performance with respect to applications in production. Both aspects (efficiency and reliability) are in particular very important in bioinformatics applications (for instance, in the context of biomedical image processing). With the aim of addressing these problems, this research aims to set up an environment in which both scientific computation with digital images and formal verification of their algorithms are combined using techniques and standards of provenance. This environment design could be able to facilitating the reproducibility of the processes, and also to explaining the reasons why that processing has been performed.

Paper Nr: 5

Balancing Functionality, Risk, and Cost in Smart Service Networks


F. Rizal Batubara

Abstract: Smart service networks (SSN) development projects operate in a multi-stakeholders context and potentially experience conflicts among functionality, risk and cost to meet the stakeholders’ requirements. This research focuses on trading-off functionality, risk and cost within SSN development. By defining the possible trade-off scenarios in SSN delivery projects, this research will provide a rational analysis to justify SSN design decisions that lead to achieving software systems with adequate functionality, minimum risk and reasonable cost.